Get those lawns ready……it is warming up

Now that the weather is warming up and we move to our outdoor areas, it’s the perfect time to take a good look at our lawns. There is no better feel than soft grass under your feet especially when it is green and weed free. Whether the children are playing on the lawn or you are using the lawn as an entertaining area, important tasks need to be done to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful this time of year.
The first step to achieving a healthy lawn is to bring weeds and bindii under control. Make sure the correct herbicide is used on your lawn as the product differs for broad leaf lawns such as buffalo and kikuyu. Thoroughly spray the selective herbicide making sure that every area has been adequately covered. It is best done on a wind free still day when the grass is dry and there is no impending rain. Spray before bindii and other weeds start seeding to avoid unnecessary spread of the weeds. Within a few days, the weeds will start to wither away and you may need to repeat spray for any missed areas. Staff at the nursery can help you choose the correct weed control product for your lawn if you are unsure.

Next is a perfect time to check for any low spots in the lawn and repair with a good quality top dressing mix. The first reason to top dress is to add organic nutrients to the lawn, and the second reason is to level an uneven lawn. When top dressing the lawn, it is important to apply only a very thin layer of mix to any low spots throughout the area. Evenly rake it over the lawn and water in until most of the dressing mix has disappeared. Water the lawn every so often until the new green growth can be seen. The top dressing mixture is sold in bags at the nursery which makes this process very easy and convenient.
Finally every lawn needs to be fertilised with a good quality lawn food. Apply with a fertiliser spreader for even coverage. There are many different types of lawn food and there is certainly one which will suit your lawn area and budget. Keep up consistent mowing of the grass to maintain lawn health and to keep weeds under control. Following all of these steps will ensure you have a beautiful useable space during the warmer months. All that’s left to do now is to kick off your shoes, lay back and enjoy.

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